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by | June 18, 2015

Approximately 75% of Midwest Vein Center’s patients are women. Many of them come to the vein center because they are experiencing symptoms like swelling or discomfort in their legs, while others seek us out strictly for cosmetic improvement. Of the 25% of Midwest Vein’s patients who are men, most wait to seek treatment until their problem is severe and they are experiencing changes in skin color and texture, even ulceration. Often their wives will call to make their first appointment.

The majority of our patients are very health conscious. They tend to be active and enjoy exercise like walking, running, even dancing. Most have a family history of varicose veins and will recall their mother or grandmother wearing thick bandages on their legs following the vein stripping procedure that was popular years ago.

Some of our patients are a little embarrassed about coming in to see us because they haven’t exposed their legs to anyone in years. The idea of having a doctor examine their legs is uncomfortable for them. Others worry they will be thought of as vain for wanting to improve their appearance. We are very sensitive to the feelings of our patients and do our best to put them at ease.

Our patients range in age from as young as 14 to as “young” as 91. Many have had previous treatment either at our facility or elsewhere, and have developed new problems requiring the need for additional treatment. Others have had problems for years but never sought treatment until a special event arises like a family wedding or class reunion that would require them to expose their legs. We commonly hear that inquisitive children or grandchildren who ask, “What is wrong with your legs” will motivate a patient to pick up the phone and make an appointment.

We tend to see many women for the first time during pregnancy, a time when varicose veins often develop. We are able to fit them with compression stockings to provide comfort and prevent complications, until after delivery when it is safe to undergo any necessary procedures.

It is not unusual for us to see a patient who has sustained an injury to his or her leg which resulted in the development of varicose veins and/or spider veins.

One hundred percent of our patients want to improve the health and appearance of their legs and desire a better quality of life that our treatments can provide.

Our patients work hard!

A large number of our patients work at jobs requiring prolonged standing. This includes mothers who manage a busy household, teachers, nurses, pharmacists, bartenders, cashiers, waitresses and factory assembly workers just to name a few.

Our treatment methods are attractive to busy patients because there is really no downtime! Depending on the procedure, patients are back to work either the same day or the following day!

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