“A girl with a good pair of shoes can go anywhere.”

by | January 7, 2015

It helps if you have healthy legs and happy veins!

Recently, Midwest Vein Center founder Dr. J. Gordon Wright and his nurse of almost 20 years, Jeanine Costello had an amazing opportunity to speak on the popular show Aging Info Radio (9am on Sundays, AM 560) with Sue Zawacki. Having worked in the aging and elder care industry for 17 years, Sue is passionate about keeping others moving forward while connecting them to help one another with resources and education.Aging Info Radio

At Midwest Vein’s five locations, MVC’s Board Certified physicians treat men and women from all different backgrounds with varied medical histories using scientifically tested technologies. “Varicose veins are always a progressive disorder,” notes Dr. Wright. He explains that symptoms may develop more slowly, but contrary to popular belief, having varicose veins is not just a cosmetic issue. They can cause pain, swelling, phlebitis and sometimes hemorrhage.

But, is it safe for people to have varicose vein treatment? “Absolutely,” says Dr. Wright. MVC has treated tens of thousands of patients over the years and have never dealt with any serious problems. “The nature of these procedures make it safe enough to do in a doctor’s office.” Simply put, no more surgery, no more downtime, no more varicose veins.

We pride ourselves on cutting-edge technologies and research that help to make each procedure safer, less painful, and more successful. Jeanine’s message to listeners: “Do something for yourself and something for your health.”

Listen to the entire podcast here and contact Midwest Vein Center to schedule your consultation and make 2015 your year, for you! Call 888-400-VEIN.

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