Dr. Deborah Lindner and Bright Pink Making A Splash in Cancer Prevention

by | September 18, 2014

Deborah Lindner, MD, FACOGMidwest Vein Center isn’t just a medical practice, we’re a family! We love sharing the successes of our team members, and lately, our Chicago physician Dr. Deborah Lindner has been making a splash in cancer research. As Chief Medical Officer at Chicago’s cancer-kicking organization Bright Pink, Dr. Lindner has been working with physicians, educators, and patients to support and inform women about cancer research and prevention. She has even lead lectures at Washington University’s Medical School in St. Louis and Harvard University’s Medical School as part of a nationwide initiative to teach physicians and health professionals how to identify and manage patients who are at risk for breast and ovarian cancer!

Recently in breast cancer research, new studies have shown that mutations in the gene PALB2 may be connected to heightened risk for breast cancer in women. Overall, the researchers found that a woman who carries a PALB2 mutation has a 35% chance of developing cancer by age 70. Dr. Lindner and her team are researching this new development in hopes of answering the hard questions about this and many other gene mutations.

Dr. Lindner has our support, and we thank her for making the health and happiness of women her priority.

You can learn more about Bright Pink and breast and ovarian cancer research here.

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