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I've heard that varicose veins are just a cosmetic problem. Can this be true? I'm in so much pain!
No, this is not true. Varicose veins can result from a more serious problem called venous insufficiency. At Midwest Vein Center, more than 80% of the procedures performed are for the treatment of symptomatic varicose veins. Varicose veins can cause pain, swelling, phlebitis, skin changes and ulcerations, even hemorrhage. Since 2002, we have treated thousands of patients with the Endovenous Laser, many who had severe venous ulcerations that had been present or recurrent for several years. Many of them experienced healing of the ulcer within a few weeks following treatment and have experienced long term results.
I’ve heard that Sclerotherapy does not work and that my veins will just come back - is this true?
No. If veins are effectively treated, they will not come back. Sclerotherapy done badly and/or with an ineffective sclerosant such as saline may have a high recurrence rate. This is why specialized training in phlebology is so important. At Midwest Vein Center, commonly used sclerosants like Sodium Tetradecyl Sulphate and Polidocanol are effectively administered to treat veins of varying sizes. It is true that response to treatment varies from patient to patient and new veins may surface over time resulting in the need for additional treatment.
Is the Sclerotherapy treatment painful? Will I be able to tolerate it?
Most patients find the procedure quite tolerable. A very small, fine needle is used to administer small amounts of medicine into the veins. The majority of our patients say the discomfort is minimal and they enjoy conversation with our staff during the procedures.
Can't I just wear compression stockings to eliminate and shrink my varicose veins?
Although not a definitive treatment, compression stockings may provide some temporary relief of painful symptoms caused by varicose veins and are especially helpful during pregnancy when immediate treatment is not an option. However, support stockings will not fix the chronic, underlying physical problem often associated with varicose veins. Minimally invasive procedures like Endovenous Laser, Micro-Phlebectomy and Sclerotherapy are recommended to achieve long term relief.
Don't I need all of my veins? If you treat them and they go away, what will happen?
The veins that we treat are already diseased and are not functioning properly (or pumping blood). Removing the varicosities actually improves your circulation by forcing the pooling blood out of the failed vein and into surrounding, healthy veins.
Does crossing your legs and/or standing too long cause varicose veins?
The primary cause of varicose vein disease is heredity. However, other secondary factors include hormones, prolonged standing, previous trauma and or injury to the leg and obesity. Crossing your legs has not been proven to cause varicose veins but it is a very common question.
How does Endovenous Laser Treatment actually work?
Endovenous Lasers treat the veins of the Saphenous System (underneath the skin surface) from the inside using a catheter with a heated tip. The laser energy from the catheter irritates the vein walls, causing them to shrink and collapse. The vein then seals itself shut and the blood is diverted to healthy veins. It’s that easy.
What are the potential complications of the Endovenous Laser procedure?
There are potential complications with any medical procedure, however only minimal complications have been experienced with the Endovenous Laser Treatment. Some rare complications include phlebitis, numbness or tingling in a small patch of skin. If you are concerned about these, the doctor will discuss them with you in detail.
How successful is Endovenous Laser Treatment?
While medical literature says that recurrence following laser treatment is five percent, our patients have less than ½ percent recurrence rate. These success rates are higher than the success rates of vein stripping surgery.
I've heard that Varicose Vein treatment is expensive and will not be covered by my insurance? Is that true?
No. That is not true. Endovenous Laser, Micro-Phlebectomy and Sclerotherapy of varicose veins are all office-based procedures recognized as medically necessary by insurance 90% of the time, given the right indications. It is true that the insurance companies require specific information proving medical necessity for treatment. Insurance payment and out-of-pocket expenses for medically approved procedures vary for each patient depending on their individual insurance policy agreement. Our dedicated insurance specialists are experts at providing this information to the insurance company and managing the detailed correspondence that is often required.
What type of training do the doctors at the Midwest Vein Centers have?
Midwest Vein Center is one of just a few dedicated vein practices across the country where physicians are certified by the American Board of Venous and Lymphatic Medicine (the diagnosis and treatment of vein disease and related disorders), also known as Phlebology. In addition to completing extensive fellowship training in Phlebology, our physicians bring years of experience in various other specialties, including: General Surgery, Vascular and Cardiothoracic Surgery, Internal Medicine, and Obstetrics and Gynecology. To read more information about our doctors, their training and experience, see the heading “Our Staff” in the navigation above.
How much do you charge for spider vein treatment?
The treatment of spider veins with Sclerotherapy is a cosmetic procedure and not billable to insurance. On the average, most patients need at least 3 sessions of Sclerotherapy. We set aside 30 minutes for each appointment and inject a generous amount of solution per treatment session. Feel free to contact our office to find out the fee for a treatment session. We require first time patients with spider veins to be evaluated by a Midwest Vein Center physician in an initial office visit to rule out the possibility of underlying venous disease.

At Midwest Vein Center, we are passionately committed to providing you with the least invasive, scientifically tested, medically approved treatment options for achieving long-term relief from your vein problems. 

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